Shrimp Stir Fry

One of the nice things about this dinner is that you can prep everything one day ahead - the shrimp and the vegetables. As long as they are refrigerated and sealed properly the ingredients stay fresh. To make the shrimp stock find the recipe below. You will need 4 cups total. To make rice find the recipe below.

This recipe may seem out of your reach budget wise, but it really isn't. Take into account getting some of the ingredients when they are on sale (especially the shrimp). I took advantage of the sale on broccoli as well. This particular stir fry meal would feed 4-6 people. When I added up the total cost of ingredients, the end result was right around $14.00. If you are feeding 6 people, the cost is $2.33 per person. I checked what the cost would be if I ordered from a local Chinese take out and the average shrimp dish was $10-12.00 per person and generally included only one vegetable. This economical meal is packed with vegetables.

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