Otak Otak

We ordered the Baba Plate again (MYR20++ or MYR23.30 nett) because we wanted to eat fish but unlike the previous order, this time the fish was a bit burnt so it did not taste as good as before.

Then I spotted otak-otak (steamed fish and spices paste) on the menu and  thought of STP and his brain post so I placed an order for it as I have not eaten one for a long time. Although the colour of it does not look very appetising but the taste is nice - creamy (coconut milk) with the fragrance of various spices MYR8++ (MYR9.35 nett). On my latest trip to this eatery, this item has been removed from the menu.

Here you can see the piece of fish (white).
We planned to pay our bill by card and they only accept card payment when the bill is above MYR50 so we ordered another two items to achieve this amount. Lor Bak Platter - MYR11++ (MYR12.80 nett) and a cup of hot cham (coffee mixed with tea) at MYR5++ (MYR5.85 nett). The Lor Bak and the deep fried bean curds are very crispy and we just love the taste of the century egg.

Goal of total bill above MYR50 has been reached with a total of MYR51.30 nett.