My Special Christmas Gift

I am very happy that as I was growing up, my parents did not go insane with buying us numerous Christmas gifts. Instead, they focused on the true meaning of the day. I tried to do the same with my kids as they were growing up. Christmas gifts have been a little added bonus, to the wonderful day we celebrate as Jesus' birthday.

When I married into Mike's family, I was thrilled to join them in their Christmas tradition. The Cupp family chooses a couple of families that are having a hard time financially. Instead of giving gifts to each other, we buy gifts for the families in need. I can't begin to tell you how much I have been blessed to be a part of this. Mike has a brother and two sisters and their spouses. There are eight kids among them and then of course my kids were a part as well. We all put our money together and buy the gifts, as well as food for the families. We get together twice as a family. The first time we get together, we have soup, sandwiches, and finger foods and share a fun time together wrapping the gifts. As we wrapped gifts this year, I could not help but think about Josh's big, tall frame bent over on the floor wrapping presents for needy families last year. What a beautiful memory!

The second time we get together is after the gifts and food have been delivered to the families in need. We do this on Christmas Eve. Mike's mom makes a wonderful meal for all of us and we gather together to eat, pray and read the Christmas story from Luke 2. What a precious time it was this year. I had a hard time, but I am so glad that I went. The family surrounded me with love. Mike's mother had lit a candle in Josh's honor. I shed a lot of tears on Christmas Eve, missing my son, but I also was held close in the warm embrace of this wonderful family that I married into. I am so blessed!

Alissa had to work and could not be with us for the meal, but she was able to come with us afterward to the candle lighting service at church. It was a beautiful service and my favorite part is always when all the people circle the sanctuary and we light one candle at a time until the whole room is lit. There is a beautiful glow on everyone's face as we sing Christmas carols.

After the Christmas Eve service, we come home and exchange a few small gifts with our immediate family. Mike and I usually do not buy each other a gift. We try to do something small for the kids and they usually give us a small gift as well. I received some very nice gifts from the kids and from my grandparents but there was one gift that was very special to me this year.

I collect barn pictures, prints and paintings. I opened a gift that Alissa had wrapped for me and inside was a very beautiful barn print. When I opened it, Alissa said, "Mom, Josh and I picked this out together for you for Christmas when we were in Colorado." Of course, I broke into tears knowing that Josh had been a part of choosing this Christmas gift for me. I have the picture hanging on my wall and I will always cherish it.

What a beautiful gift from my two beautiful kids. I am truly blessed.