Mummy You're Getting Old

Kids do say the most hilarious, the sweetest or the most unbelievable things at times. This afternoon while I was washing Louisa up, she said to me, 'Mummy, when you get smaller, I'll wash for you.' I replied, 'Mummy won't get smaller, I'll grow older and when I'm an old lady, you can wash for me. If I can't walk by then, you can also push me in a wheelchair just like I pushed you in a stroller when you were young.' An hour later, I was folding clothes while the girls were playing with their toys. I told Louisa, 'It'll be mummy's birthday in a few days and I'm getting old.' She told me she knew it. I was puzzled and asked her what made her say that. 'Because you're going to sit in a wheelchair!' came the reply. It then occur to me she linked it to the conversation we had about growing old and the wheelchair. I had a good laugh. There were many other occasions when she said things that melt my heart. Such as when I told her I don't have certain things, she'd go, 'Nevermind! Next time when I grow older I'll buy for you.' There were also many times when she said she would buy daddy, mummy, meimei and junyi handphones, radios, TVs etc. How sweet!
Lavigne was also particularly manja this evening while I was breastfeeding her before she went to bed. She repeatedly called out 'Mum, mum....maahmeeee...mum.......maaAhHmeeeE' and then end off with a giggle. This carried on for quite a while. Though I was smitten with it, I had to ask her to stop as Louisa was already fast asleep. I would whisper to her asking her not to carry on as jiejie is sleeping and she would cheekily whisper back to me. Then she would forget and start all over again. Today was the day she said 'mummy nen nen pease'. I'd been teaching her to say that whenever she wants to be breastfed and usually, it'd be 'mummy' or 'pease' or 'nen nen pease'. Finally! She got it right today!