Meet Casey

You know how it is.  You think there is no more room in your heart to love another.  You have given love and received it in return and feel that all is complete in your world.  Then, a special someone comes along and you fall in love all over again because there is always room in our hearts to love just one more.
That's how it is with Casey and I.  I had no intentions of bringing home another dog, but when Tay  (my best friend's daughter who has terminal cancer) was admitted to the hospital this past week and needed us to care for Casey, it was time to open our hearts up again.
I won't lie.  The first two nights were horrible.  Casey did not want to "meet and greet" the other five dogs at my house.  (Can't say that I blame her as she was very overwhelmed.)  Neither did she want to sleep anywhere but in bed with Tay as she had. been. 
 In her misery, Casey howled. 
Let me tell you, the wild coyotes of the great west have nothing on Casey when she exercises her vocal chords.  Thank goodness our neighbors live far enough way that we don't get turned in for disturbing the peace.  Between the Great Pyrenees barking and Casey howling all night, we didn't get any sleep. 
Night two, repeat of night one. 
Fortunately, during the day, things have gone very well.  Casey loves to follow me around as I work on the farm and then spread out on the floor of the milk kitchen as I make cheese and dairy products.  She is very obedient and eager to please. 
We did have some issues with the cows with new babies who were not so sure about this Corgi who is half the size of Spencer (my male Corgi) and who has both ears standing up (unlike poor Spencer who came to me with broken cartilage in one ear.)  I am sure they thought she was a little fox and they promptly tried to stomp her every time she came into the field.  Unfortunately for me, they were not going to let my body be an obstacle between them and Casey and tried to plow me over several times as well.  The first day was certainly filled with tense and anxious moments but everyone seems to be settling down now which is a good thing.
 I am sure that I am in love with Casey and I am sure she has a forever home here. 
There's always room for one more. 
P. S.  I love you, Tay, and I am taking good care of Casey for you.  We wish you could be here helping us on the farm but know that every day as Casey and I work together, we will be thinking of you. 
P.S.S  Casey slept well last night!