Keeping The Sparks Alive

I'm not sure how many of you out there agree with me. I personally feel that married couples, with or without children, irregardless of how long they'd been together, should go on dates every now and then to keep the sparks alive. It is very easy to be bogged down by work and the daily mundane stuff. Worse still if you have children. Everything will be revolved around them. Then you realise your 'lover' has become 'the father of your children'. Many people have this mentality 'Aiyah! Married already need to be romantic lah!' But I do think that throughout a marriage, the husband still needs to do the wooing again sometimes, the wife still needs to preen and primp to make herself desirable to the husband and generally making special time for each other. When was the last time I went on a date with Adrian? I think it was last December when we were in Singapore. Has our relationship suffered? You bet!
*I am not dropping any hints here and I mean it*