It's A Date

skirt and shirt - talbots cardigan - j. crew sandals - oscar de la rentacopy kate bag - yours truly
bracelet - julie lorusso jewelry

i recently came across a lovely blog called danibp mop philosopher.  dani is a beautiful mom with a wardrobe that makes me want to ditch project 333.  she wrote a post about going on a date with her husband that i thought was just brilliant.  i think anyone who is in a relationship should read it, whether you are a newlywed or even terminally married such as myself.  read her post here, you'll be glad you did.
so taking her advice, and after a long day of working in the garden, i cleaned myself up and in no time we were sliding into our favorite booth in our favorite mexican restaurant, casa maya.  i ordered the potato and avocado empanada that is drizzled with a balsamic reduction glaze and a margarita.  they line the rim of the glass with salt and freshly ground chili pepper.  why i never thought to do this is beyond me because it is freaking delicious.  it's very hard to stop at one, so i usually don't.  this is when we do our best problem solving.  not our own, mind you but everyone else's. 
so tell me, are you dating anyone?