Hawker Food At Gourmet Square

We didn't have a lavish dinner to celebrate our 27th annivesary, for the kids were not around to celebrate together with us, so we eat simple , we just hopped over to  Gourmet Square for for hawker food. For a change, we can have varieties.... like Sea Clams in Spicy Sauce & Deep Fried Soft Shell Crabs With Garlic and Bird Eyes with two plates of hot steaming rice. Followed by Chicken & Beef Satay with Nasi Impit ( compressed rice ) and ends with a bowl of local famous Shaved Ice ( Ice Kacang )......a wonderful dinner no doubt , but it would be even more fun if the Piggies were with us  :(

I would prefer my own cooking but for once I would like to be pampered and let someone else cook for the two of us :p  I am now in the midst of watching a HK drama " Mysteries of Love "  Raymond Lam , Kenneth Ma ,Tavia Yeung and Bernice Liu...all my favourites star acting in this great drama....so you can guess how great it would be, after a scrumptious dinner  and went home and continued to watch this drama...haha this is what I would describe - a relaxing evening for me :) but * shhhh...I have been taking it easy since Jo went to UK and Josh back to college in KL :p  Simple cooking for Daddy and myself so that I can go back to staring at the idiot box after each meal.  A quick to fix  meal would be ideal for me now LOL!  See,  how drama addictions can cause harvoc to a normal household routine :) The good thing is Daddy has not complained yet so I can still get away with it :p  

Sea Clams in savoury spicy sauce fromthe most expensive seafood stall in Gourmet Square RM10 for a small portion

but it tasted good...each piece was succulent so it was worth the RM10

this soft shell crabs are tasty too with the garlic and bird's eye chilliand curry leaves ....very delicious and flavorfulRM15 for three small ones...but the price is not worth ordering another plate

this is so flavorful that I want to cook this myself one day......garlic and curry leaves are the magic ingredients for this dish

Daddy being a carnivore oooopps  I mean meat eaterI ordered some beef and chicken satay for him :p(  so that I have more share of the crabs all to myself......lol! ) still so evil after 27 years together :p

Daddy loves this satay from Gourmet Squarethe famous " Endut Satay "

and we won't leave the place without having this shaved iceIce Kacang..it is not the best ice kacang in town but it will dofor this once....their shaved ice is very fine in texture so it will melt very fast .....so I will normally order this last :)

Ice Kacang - shaved ice with red beans, grass jelly , sweet corn and cendol  -a worm-like jelly made from rice flour with green food coloring (usually derived from the pandan leaf), and topped with red syrup and evaprated milka yummilicious dessert after all the food we had :) 

I look forward to another 27 years with Daddy :)and having my Piggies back with me sothat I can continue to cook for themand  meanwhile while they are away from the nest for a short time,this is a great break for me too :)))
But don't worry , I will still be cooking and baking .....this passionis like a fire burning inside me and will not be easily douse   :)

*        *        *