Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance 2011 Google Drive Mp4

Watch Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance 2011 Google Drive mp4

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Watch Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance 2011 Google Drive mp4


Coordination art Department : Chyanne Levy

Stunt coordinator : Enki Hartley

Script layout :Orlando Sabbir

Pictures : Bernier Doiron
Co-Produzent : Avyanna Tyrell

Executive producer : Keedie Taleah

Director of supervisory art : Ajai Verrill

Produce : Lombard Lafitte

Manufacturer : Reda Angrand

Actress : Knight Monnie

When the devil resurfaces with aims to take over the world in human form, Johnny Blaze reluctantly comes out of hiding to transform into the flame-spewing supernatural hero Ghost Rider -- and rescue a 10-year-old boy from an unsavory end.


Movie Title

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
196 minute
MPEG-1 720p
Action, Fantasy, Thriller

Corey, Iraida F. Grace, Adelisa I. Sumner

[HD] Watch Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance 2011 Google Drive mp4

Film kurz

Spent : $814,494,314

Income : $399,870,383

Group : Experimentell - Skepsis , Apathie - Poesie , Fantasie - Umweltentfremdung , Heuchelei - initiativ Klassische Verzweiflung

Production Country : Namibia

Production : Noodles Production

**Loved the first Ghost Rider, this one was TERRIBLE**

To be honest, i was really looking forward to see this movie, the trailer itself was eye-candy and highly exaggerated.The story is as bad as the actors' performance. Nicholas Cage is going a very , very bad road, his lasts movies , ''season of the witch'' and ''drive angry'' were as thin and dreadful as this one. The action in this movie was unjustified and plain crazy bad, the way ''Blaze'' was written, the laughable dialogues and dumb facial expression of Cage didn't helped at all. The 3D effect on this movie is overrated, everything is too much and fake. Idris Elba was probably the only reason why i went to watch this but even then his role was thin and futile, On the whole, it's messy , funny and plain bad, i pray to god there is not a third one
Christ what kind of bum did they get to write and/or produce this one.

I really, really liked the first Ghost Rider movie. This one is nowhere near that one. Sure, Nicolas Cage is doing Johnny Blaze again and they even got Christopher Lambert to play an old priest but the movie is just poorly implemented. The Ghost Rider is actually not really appearing that much and when he does, the special effects look cheap and not at all as cool as in the first movie.

It doesn’t help that, when he first appears in the movie, he gets shot down by a simple “human” gun and ends up in hospital. This nonsense about, first trying to hide out in some obscure place a ’la The Hulk (been there done that), and then trying to get rid of his powers and afterwards taking on Satan without them is just ruining the fun. The film totally lacks the spirit of the first one.

As I said, I’m rather disappointed. It’s really a shame that they screwed this one so badly because now we probably won’t get another one even though they made a lame attempt at the end of the film to leave a door open for that.