So my post titles have not been very positive. But I'm really getting really fedup. Our relationship with our landlord didn't start off very well. He refused to provide a fridge which is a norm, locked up the garage due to health and safety reasons and fail to get the lawn in the garden cut. Every month, his wife/sister, someone who shares the same surname as him emails A demanding for rent. We always pay on time and to our Letting agent. Does she not know of something called the invoice? Why a demand in the first place? Why even we have paid? Our landlord had wanted us to move out asap. So when we'd exchanged contracts last week, we gave our one month's notice to the landlord. Now he's demanding us pay the whole month's rent even though we'll handover mid-month. Reason? Not favourable to him because he hasn't found a buyer nor a tenant. MY PROBLEM?! I don't think so! He wanted us out in the first place. So we have to stay put just because no one wants to buy an over-priced house? My boss who sold him the house in the first place had an unpleasant experience with him too. She calls him a swine and she said that's being polite. Now he wants to come see the house, for what I don't know and at what time? Between 7-9am in the morning.