Epic Skarre & Kreoss

Started digging into the "finish this stuff, dammit" pile and knocked off two figures this week.
First up was Epic Skarre from Cryx. I'm not much for Warmachine fluff, but I get that Skarre is from the "pirate" branch of Cryx, rather than the rusty iron branch that I've been working on so far. As such...a more normal painting method.

I love the skeleton the sculptor molded in the prow of the ghost ship base.

I also finished Epic Kreoss, one of my favorite Menoth 'casters. I've been playing him partially painted for about a year. No longer!

Can't wait to get a Tier 4 list going with this guy.

Side note. Happy days! Last week I won a pair of tickets at work to go see the U2 360 concert here in Edmonton. What a spectacle!

Well, I'd still like to work through stuff on the must finish list...so...
'Til next time.