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Hotwife Librarian - A Hotwife Wife Sharing Romance Novel

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Title: Hotwife Librarian - A Hotwife Wife Sharing Romance NovelAuthor : Karly VioletRelease Date : January 08, 2019Genre: Contemporary,Books,Romance,Pages : * pagesSize : 1434 KB


A Frivolous Romp In The Park Leads To An Interesting Adventure!

With their 10th year wedding anniversary on the horizon, Lance is struggling to find a suitable gift for his wife Janet.

Lance is an experienced chiropractor and has been recently treating a patient with an injury, A patient who confides in him that his own wife has entered her own schedule of self-imposed celibacy.

Lance and Janet find themselves getting very frisky in the park one evening and quickly start to lose themselves in the moment, exploring each other's bodies in public.

The sudden passion in the dark tugs at Lance's creative strings.

And when he passes a photography studio specializing in nude photography, Lance finds himself stumbling upon the idea of the perfect anniversary gift.

How hot and steamy can a husband make his wife's 10th anniversary present?

How does a strong and stable marriage handle the introduction of another man on their anniversary night?

This 24,700 word scorching hot novel featuring wife watching, wife sharing and an adventurous couple exploring a new and naughty adventure!

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