Creamy Cheesy Garlicky Rice With Spinach - French Fridays With Dorie

Just as the name suggested, this cheesy rice is creamy ,cheesy  & garlicky . Dorie's recipe called for Arborio or other round risotto rice but I used Basmati rice instead , and it turned out delicious ! This recipe will go well with pasta too and I shall try with pasta the next time I want something creamy , cheesy and garlicky :)  I reduced the amount of cheese , cream and butter and the result was just as good. Flavorful and tasty!

I packed this cheesy rice into two big bell peppers as suggested by Dorie in her book and baked them covered with aluminium foil in baking pan in the oven for 35 minutes . Boy , it smells good besides the garlicky, buttery smell, the aroma from the green pepper makes the baked cheesy rice delicious. And the lucky one to share this cheesy rice is my Piggy Jo. She is back for the weekend and she too finds it yummy :))  I love having her around...she loves food and I love feeding her this cheesy rice....cheese being one of her favorite dairy product. This cheesy rice must be served the instant it is ready and must be eaten chaud, caldo , hot! A hit with me and Piggy Jo but not Wild Boar. He is not a fan of cheese and whatmore in his rice LOL!  

This cheesy rice is so simple and easy to make.  Just boil the Arborio or risotto rice in chicken broth, cook spinach until tender , squeeze dry and chop coarsely. Cook onion and garlic in some butter, then just add in the cooked risotto rice , spinach , cheese , cream and add in the salt and pepper to taste.  That's it.  A delicious cheesy rice in just under an hour !  Baking the cheesy rice in green bell pepper will take a bit longer time though but worth the wait :)

 ' ces't délicieux '
(french word for yummy )
bonne journée 
(french word for have a nice day)

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