Coming And Going II

Youngest sis and Xinyu are both now on board the plane on their way home to Singapore. I just got back home from the airport and it had been a nightmare (later on that). It is hard to believe that just a week ago, I had picked them up from the train station in my town and then this evening, I'd sent them off at the airport. I was happy when they extended their trip but I didn't know that one week was up before I realised it. I'd been progressively getting sad and heavy-hearted since last night, knowing well that in less than a day, my sister would be going home. They were still on the wait-list for tomorrow's flight but I know that there was little chance of them getting it and moreover, I don't want to inconvenient them further since they were all ready to go and families in Singapore had been eagerly awaiting their return. I'd said that I'd be contented even if they leave today but I'd been wrong. I guess no matter how long she stays, I'd be feeling the same way when she leaves.
I felt very happy during this past week she was here after feeling low for quite a while prior to that. We ate together, chatted together, watched telly together and boxed each other silly (played boxing and many other games on Wii). She went to the girls' music lessons, took Louisa to ballet, picked her up from school and together with Xinyu, helped me look after the girls whenever possible. Yesterday, they played with the girls while I did some gardening and Xinyu cooked dinner (very yummy braised pork belly).
Even though my youngest sister is a good decade younger than me, there is surprisingly not a generation gap between us both. I always talk to her when I'm down and she's always there to offer a listening ear and good advice. We're always yakking on Windows Live Messenger. Even when she was staying with me, we were be sending each other messages, she downstairs and me upstairs. She being in US means that the timing is better for us to chat rather than if she's in Singapore. I hope we won't drift apart once she reaches Singapore.
Adrian, too, was sad and didn't have a proper dinner tonight. Strangely, the girls' behaviour were quite bad and my sis and Xinyu were having a hard time with them while I cooked. They were constantly fighting and Louisa was rude to my sister. I guess they knew they were leaving soon and were sad but didn't know how to react, hence the naughty behaviour. My sister broke down just as dinner was being served. When she told me she was heartbroken seeing them behaving badly, I, too, broke down. We, women, are so emotionally. We were all affected by the imminent farewell. To think that she'd messaged me asking me not to cry at the airport last night and she was the first to do so.
The girls wanted badly to go with us to the airport but as our car is small and they had many luggages, there wasn't any space for more passengers. Poor Louisa cried non-stop. I thought I would too when we said our farewell and gave each other a hug but I didn't. I'd been preparing myself for this moment so I didn't feel too sad. Perhaps it will sink it later. I was approaching the one hour mark for parking (charges at the airport are exorbitant) and was rushing back to the carpark when I received a call from my sister. They had been stopped at the gate due to too many handcarry and asked me to go back in case they can't squeeze their stuff into 2 bags. I quickly popped into Marks and Spencer on the way and bought some Percy Pigs for her to eat on the plane. I stood in one corner some distance away while they were repacking their stuff. Before I realised, they'd gone in and I didn't manage to pass the sweets to her. She told me later that they managed to reduce their bags to 2 and quickly went in when the guard wasn't looking. They tried to wave at me but I was looking the other way, hence I missed them.
I had no clue what was going to happen after I paid for the carpark and walked to my car. I was a little puzzled when I saw that all the lanes on the carpark floor were filled with cars. I thought it was the peak hour, therefore a queue to leave. When I got into my car, I realised that all the cars were stationary and not moving at all. People were getting off their cars to look out of the building to get an idea what was going on. What I thought to be a little wait ended up me being stuck in the car for almost 1hr 45min. My car didn't move an inch for a good 1.5hr. Luckily I had a magazine with me. I was still at the airport when my sis's flight had taken off. It was past 11pm when I got home. I do not know what was the reason behind the big jam. It could be a combination of a traffic accident (sis told me flight delayed as crew arrived late due to accident) and a car which broke down near the exit gantry.
True enough, my sister's departure began to sink in once I got home.